Tips On Buying Jewellery

It is almost time again for Valentines’ day. Custom has it that during this romantic season, people send cards, flowers, chocolates and other special gifts to their loved ones. However, finding that perfect gift can potentially be a stressful and time consuming process. If you are planning to buy jewellery, here are some tips to […]

The Art of Fashion

Victoire de Castellane, the creative director of fine jewellery at Dior since 1998, and designer of her own eponymous line, first started playing make-believe with her mother’s jewellery in infancy and has never stopped since. A shy little girl, whose aristocratic parents’ divorce cast a sad shadow over her childhood, she learnt early on that her […]

Tooth Jewellery

Aesthetics has become an important aspect of dentistry over the past few years and has led to the development of new materials and techniques [1]. Everybody wishes to create their own visual style which makes them unique and yet identifiable among the crowd. Body decoration has also gained influence with the wearing of jewellery at […]